Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Toyota Recalls 4 Million Cars

By: Sara Sindelar

Recently Toyota has put a recall on their cars, totaling 4 million, due to a malfunction with their gas pedal. Toyota states that there is an issue with the floor mat in relation to the accelerator. They announced this past week that they will be fixing the cars in 2010. They are planning on fixing the size and shape of the pedal as well as the floor mat for a perfect fit. To fix any mechanical issues they are going to install a brake override system if there are complications with the accelerator. This issue of sudden acceleration has been proven to have led to almost 10 deaths and many more accidents.

Toyota is known for a company of auto safety and this will strongly ruin their reputation. With the auto industry struggling during the economic crisis Toyota now has another battle to fit to stay strong in this economy. With this news coming out right before the holidays sales may be low and may continue to be low for months. Toyota states they do not know how much this will cost. One can only imagine the economic damages that something like this can do to a large company.


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