Friday, December 11, 2009

Phones are getting out of Hand

By: Kelsey Hoffman

With the increase in the use of cell phones, home landlines are being used much less frequently. Everyone can be contacted at the click of a button now, and it will go straight to that person’s personal cell phone. No need to ask “Is Sally there please?” anymore. Landline costs have decreased dramatically all over the world with the increased use of cell lines. Phone companies are trying to cut their costs in order to stay competitive. KT, Korea’s largest telephone company just pulled the plug on their business model claiming that with all the new technology and new phone uses that their structure and way of doing business was no longer useful. “The company will replace all of its landline office phones with mobile and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) devices when it opens its new southern Seoul office in February.”

Kids are also getting access to cell phones at a very young age now. Parents are worried their kids won’t be able to function without one, even at the age of 8. You can go into any elementary school now and I bet you kids have cell phones. Cell phone companies are even manufacturing smaller and simpler phones now for kids, ones that have four buttons including one with a house on it for their home number, and one with a picture of a cross on it for emergencies. These may be helpful, but kids are being exposed to these technologies too early.

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