Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reports state that Tiger Woods offered Rachel Uchitel hush money: press conference cancelled

Posted by Leah Gorham

By Charisse Van Horn

The press conference never began and reports from Radar Online state they know why: $1,000,000 in hush money. Radar exclusively reports their sources as stating that at the last minute Tiger Woods reps bombarded reps for Rachel, offering the money to not go public with the story. Radar reports that they asked Gloria Allred about the payoff and she replied, “No Comment.”

It would seem to be detrimental to Rachel Uchitel to go public with her story now. She has adamantly denied having an affair with Tiger Woods, agreed to undergo a polygraph, and gave a lengthy tell-all interview to the New York Post stating that Ashley Samson, the National Enquirer source, that gave the juicy details to the National Enquirer was nothing more than a drug addicted hooker looking to score some big bucks: $25,000. To go public with the admission that she has been lying all along might prove more damaging to her reputation and career than she intended.

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