Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Real Cost of Raising a Baby

Posted by Nick Porcell

You'll spend almost $10,000 on your baby's first year, according to the thousands of moms who took BabyCenter's exclusive survey.

No wonder 70 percent of new mothers told us they're more anxious about money since having a child. "The financial stress is the hardest thing in my life," says mom Sarah Carley, who has three young children. "You don't realize how much you need for your child — and how tempting it is to buy things."

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  1. I think also, before a baby you can take any job at any hour if you need more money, but after a baby your schedule is tight and if you need more money it's tough to find a job that works for your schedule. I think that's why it's so stressful after a baby is born. I think also, moms are anxious about how to raise their baby in general. I'd recommend that all moms read the free ebook at because it answers all the common questions and will defintely alleviate any new mom's stresses. Hope this helps!