Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cut Your Grocery Bill: Ten Money Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

Posted by Leah Gorham

By Donna L Montaldo

By following the 10 tips below, alert shoppers can save up to $300 a month off their grocery bills. Are you ready to start trimming the fat off your food bills?
A Little Homework
Planning before you head off to the supermarket will help you shop more economically. Take the time to do a quick inventory of your kitchen to determine the food that you need. Prepare your shopping list and make notations of applicable coupons that you may want to use. Read the newspapers and circulars to find the best deals.

Choosing the Right Store
For basic grocery needs many grocery stores now offer excellent product and price selection, frequent shoppers programs and double coupon days. However, when buying in bulk you may want to tackle the warehouse clubs or superstores. Non-perishable items are often at unbeatable prices at such stores. For the best prices on health and beauty products check the national drugstore chains and superstores.

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