Friday, December 4, 2009

How will Tiger Wood's Family Life be Impacted?

Posted by: Christina Dove

Many people have heard about Tiger Wood's alleged affair with a few other women. Although this news is devastating for his reputation, it will be interesting to see his wife Elin's reaction. Tiger Woods is arguably the best golfer to ever live and had more money than many people could dream of making in a lifetime. If Tiger Wood's wife decides to divorce him, she could make a lot more money than Tiger Woods would be willing to dish out. According to one source, she is reportedly negotiating an immediate $5 million payout from Woods, while also revising their prenuptial agreement. At the time of their 2004 wedding, that prenup was believed to be worth $20 million. Now, she's allegedly seeking up to $55 million if she stays married to Woods for at least two more years.

In addition to messing up his entire family life - especially with two young kids, Tiger Wood's suspicious actions could also have a devastating impact on his sponsorhips, which he makes a majority of his money from. Many of his sponsors have come out and made remarks of intending to stand by Tiger as he copes with his family issues. One sponsor was quoted saying, "Nike supports Tiger and his family," the company said in a statement. "Our relationship remains unchanged." It is still too early to tell how substantial these affairs and the accident in his front yard will be and how they will affect his image, family life and ability to make money in the future.


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