Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Friday Saves Families Big Dollars

By: Laura Reginelli

When Thanksgiving rolls around, many people tend to think about the day after, Black Friday. In this economically troubled time, families are looking for ways to cut costs and in some cases make ends meet. Black Friday allows shoppers to buy for the holiday season and receive great deals while doing it, inevitably saving them money.

Black Friday can be a competitive, mad-dash for shoppers, sometimes proving to be too much for people. When it comes to this day of shopping, make sure to plan ahead by packing snacks and wearing comfortable clothing. Also shopping may be a little easier if you go with a list of what you need and where the deals are.

Some stores are even joining in on the family planning process. This year Kohl’s is allowing their customers to use their Web site to create a shopping list that they can print and take with them. From there, the customers are off to the stores. Kohl’s will open at 4 a.m. on Black Friday this year, allowing for the madness to start even earlier.

Black Friday shoppers are often a breed of their own and some of the most determined individuals. Although many of us may not see the real importance of going out into this “mob scene,” others swear by the savings.

One Black Friday shopper confesses “I've been venturing out early on Black Friday for eight years now, and every year, I've saved at least $200 — usually much more.”

So if you are looking to save a few extra dollars in the holiday season, make a plan and venture out instead of sleeping in the day after Thanksgiving! It may just save you.


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